Email Jay Olson for a copy of the raw data described below. Average data for each card are also available.

vis.csv: Visibility

The Visibility data file has the following columns:

  • snum: subject number.
  • trial: trial number.
  • subcond: main subcondition, showing the presence or absence of the target card.
  • subsubcond: secondary subcondition, showing the target position group (beginning or end, meaning first or last half of possible positions).
  • tcard: target card, from 0 (Ace of Spades) to 51 (King of Diamonds).
  • tvalue: target card value, from 1 (Ace) to 13 (King).
  • tsuit: target card suit, from 1 (Spades) to 4 (Diamonds).
  • tpos: target card position in the stream.
  • right: correctness of participant's choice (present or absent).
  • rt: reaction time in milliseconds.
  • tgame: reported time spent playing card games per day, in hours.
  • tcomp: reported time spent using a computer per day, in hours.
  • visdssnum: supersubject number for calculating grouped visibility d-prime values.
  • viscssnum: supersubject number for calculating grouped visibility bias values.
  • age, gender: the age and gender of the participant.

mem.csv: Memorability

The Memorability data file is analogous to the Visibility data, and has similar columns.

lik.csv: Likability

The Likability data file has fewer columns, and some changes:

  • subcond: main subcondition, showing whether the trial compared different values or different suits.
  • crank1: the card ranked first in the pair (i.e., preferred), from 0 to 51.
  • crank1value, crank1suit: the value and suit of this card.
  • crank2, crank2value, crank2suit: the card, value, and suit of the non-preferred card.
  • right: whether the participant preferred the card on the right (versus left) side of the screen.

veracc.csv: Verbal Accessibility

The Verbal Accessibility was separate from the above three studies, and had fewer columns:

  • card1: The card chosen when asked to "Name a playing card", from 0 to 51.
  • card2: The card chosen when asked to "Name another card".
  • card3: The card chosen when asked "And name another".

visacc.csv: Visual Accessibility

The Visual Accessibility data file has the same columns as the Verbal Accessibility data.